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Thu Jul 29 06:34:37 1999

Manya Greif of Baltimore, hon. said... Enjoyed your site, However, wondering what is still open/going on/happening in October. A friend and I are to spend three on island (10/7-10/10). Will public transportation still be available? Any festivals, auctions and/or concerts scheduled? Please advise. Thanks.

Tue Jul 27 18:14:21 1999

Melissa Lux of Minneapolis said... Just found out that the cottage built by my family, now a ranger station in the east moores, has been renamed the Heath House. It is called the Highlands, I am working on getting it restored to the proper name. Go see it,the best view on the island!

Sat Jul 17 09:41:36 1999

Barry Wood of Nova Scotia, Canada said... Nice website:

Tue Jul 13 20:41:53 1999

Dana of Clinton, NJ said... Nantucket is breathtakingly beautiful and a perfect place to find peace.

Mon Jul 12 07:55:59 1999

BIG D of Connellsville Pa said... Have a great time tonite! See Pittsburgh's "The Clarks" at the Box Mon and Tue, 12th and 13th. Tell them Big D sent you!

Fri Jul 2 12:27:53 1999

Zelda Krodman of Massapequa, New York said... Great Site. Helpful for our clients. A Question: Need the name and phone number of the restaurant on Sunset Beach. Came recommended, and my clients want dinner reservations for August 5th. 2 adults 2 children. Thanks for the help.

Thu Jul 1 16:32:09 1999

Sherry Barson of Larkspur, CA said... I have clients seeking a 2 nts stay Sep 11, 12 in Nantucket. Can anyone recommend a place that doesn't have a 3 nt minimum stay required on weekends?

Tue Jun 29 16:56:07 1999

dianne cornaro of Billerica, Ma. said... I am looking for romantic places to stay in September to our celebrate 25th wedding anniversary. Any suggestions?

Tue Jun 22 14:06:10 1999

Helena Mc Laughlin of Derry, N.Ireland said... Nantucket is a beautiful and historical place which is well worth the visit. I was delighted the other day to discover that I could buy Nantucket nectars in Birmingham where I study, it brought back fond memories of that idillic summer I spent working in Murray's Toggery. This year my friend Aoife is going back she'll be working in Steamboat Pizza so call in and say Hi.

Tue Jun 15 19:12:47 1999

Paulette Kaufer of Pittsfield Ma. said... I can't wait until next week when I leave for vacation at Cape Cod. according to the web site there are many things and places of interest to me. Hope the weather is in my favor [warm] .

Mon Jun 14 11:45:01 1999

Claire Proctor nee Beer of Stamford - UK said... I was really using your site for nostalgic reasons as I worked in The Great Harbor Inn and lived at The Fair Gardens. Unfortunately I couldn't connect to anything and was quite disappointed, I will try for another day..... I must say I still yern for the Buffalo Wings and the fat free ice-creams (if this is at all possible).....

Thu Jun 10 20:47:03 1999

Robert Lemieux of Montreal said... I visit your site because I am going on vacation to Cape Cod on the 17 June 1999 and I wount to have a feilling of the place before.I was very well inform of my majors consern and I appreciate all the efforts wich been place to make all these informations available on the Net.Many tanks

Sun Jun 6 20:42:26 1999

B Hagreaves of Ltichfield, CT said... I need some information of a cottage to rent for September that might take animals?

Wed Jun 2 16:55:12 1999

Melanie Cross of Jacksonville, FL said... Web site very helpful! Coming August 1999, to see Nantuckett, but to see ancestors homes, etc. Am descendant of Thomas Macy who moved from Amesbury, Mass to Nantuckett. Also related to the Coffins, Husseys and perhaps Hulls. Is anyone on Nantuckett interested in what happened to descendants? Would like to find out more. Read the guest book all the way to the end - great comments!

Tue Jun 1 08:38:42 1999

betty burnette of hildebran, n.c. 28637 po box 1181 said... please send me any information you have on places to stay and any other information

Wed May 26 19:07:43 1999

Janet Knight of Cohoes, NY said... Looking forward to visiting this summer!

Mon May 24 16:56:32 1999

Carina of Uppsala,Sweden said... I stayed in Nantucket for one year when i worked as an Aupair.And now ten years later i plan to go back,I have never missed a place so mutch as i miss Nantucket.

Mon May 24 10:09:08 1999

Ross Haymes of said... Did you know that your link to "Boating and Sailing" (on the "Sports & Activities" page) leads to a porno site?

Sun May 23 20:21:39 1999

Joan Gilmore of Blairstown NJ said... We love to fly in, spend the day just walking, browsing, and enjoying.

Fri May 21 18:39:49 1999

Peter Porambo of San Diego said... Served at the Navy Base from '67-'68. Will be on the East Coast this Aug and plan to visit. This time as a tourist.

Thu May 20 13:57:59 1999

Mary Jane Gaines of Lawrenceburg, KY said... After researching your site I am so looking forward to visiting this October.

Tue May 18 23:28:16 1999

John Albach of Dallas, Texas said... Not bad for advertzing.

Thu May 13 08:42:51 1999


Thu May 13 08:41:06 1999


Wed May 12 15:41:44 1999

Elizabeth M.Macy of Port Townsend,WA said... I have just experienced a frozen cam on the cobblestones and dock-I gather there are tech. problems. I am looking for a photo of the signs that tell you how far it is to other parts of the world. Do you have that at this site? Is there a separate site for the museum? I am a decendant of Thomas Macy-any relatives out there? Thank you for the pictures even if they were still. It is great for someone who lives a couple of thousand miles away. _E.Macy

Wed May 12 13:56:14 1999

Webb Morrison of Sayville, NY said... Cancel my last. I have found the appropriate web sites. Thank you.

Wed May 12 13:47:50 1999

Webb Morrison of Sayville, NY said... Am trying to get a current local guide book (not the entire Cape) that tells me whether some of the lodgings I knew years ago still exist for a return visit (e.g., Ship's Inn, 4 Chimneys, Jared Coffin House, White Elephant, etc.) Cannot locate on Web. Do you publish one?

Mon May 10 22:45:59 1999

Scott of Nantucket said... I was born there and left when I was ten.I just wish the real estate prices were not so out of sight so I could raise my kids on the island..Great web sight.

Mon May 10 22:36:03 1999

Scott of Nantucket said...

Fri May 7 14:20:02 1999

big don of hustan said... stay at the dophin gest house on nantucket it is grate I love the rooms. and It is just a walk from town thanks information center

Tue Apr 27 19:20:56 1999

Anne Connollly of Kilkenny, Ireland said... its cool i love nantucket

Mon Apr 19 15:39:27 1999

Sid Oakley of Bristol, TN 37620 said... My wife and I have been to Nantucket three times, and we absolutely love it! Is there a magazine published on or about the island that we might subcribe to?

Fri Apr 16 10:31:10 1999

Nancy Hourigan of Elbridge NY 13060 said... I want information on Christmas on the island of Nantucket and bed and breakfasts.

Tue Apr 13 16:36:17 1999

Philip LoCoco of Milwaukee. said... what has happened to Brant point lite.or Coastguard sation? please reply. did a tour of duty in 1948. thank you . mr P.J.LoCoco

Tue Apr 13 13:34:10 1999

ann merriott of norton said... I have heard many wonderful things about the Jarred Coffin House. I would love more information on it.

Sun Apr 11 11:44:32 1999

claude durocher of 31 berbier Hull quebec Canada J8Z1E7 said... can you send me a brochure of nantucket island and information on lodging thank you

Fri Apr 2 06:14:45 1999

Eleanor and Thomas Ammermann of Possenhofen, Germany said... Nantucket Island is the best place in the world to spend your holidays!

Mon Mar 29 01:36:17 1999

Lizzie of Norfolk Island said... Hey, Nantucket!! Miss you heaps. Being on another whaling island is ok but not the same.... I have visited there twice and wish to be back soon. Hopefully

Sat Mar 27 12:33:52 1999


Fri Mar 26 06:49:18 1999

Rikke Rauff of Roskilde, Denmark said... My biggest wish would be to visit Nantucket Island with friends from Connecticut. I hope my dream will come true this summer so I can spend time with people I love in a house by the beach. I love New England.

Thu Mar 25 14:35:57 1999

erin yaeger of wheeling,wv said... i am a film student at nyu and interested in summer employment. would love working at a resort. how's housing for summer workers?

Thu Mar 25 14:35:17 1999

erin yaeger of wheeling,wv said... i am a film student at nyu and interested in summer employment. would love working at a resort. how's housing for summer workers?

Thu Mar 25 14:29:50 1999

erin e hughes yaeger of wheeling,wv said... i am a film student at nyu and am interested in summer employement on the island. a resort would be super, do any offer housing? cannot wait to be there.

Wed Mar 24 08:35:32 1999

Robyn White of Anderson said... I am a Junior in college, majoring in Geography. I have chosen Nantucket for my semester project. Could you please send me information on house regulations, and paint codes. I need to know the full history of Nantuket. I think its a beautiful place!

Tue Mar 23 19:17:37 1999


Tue Mar 23 11:19:16 1999

Dan Mccaughin of Quincy Ma said... I am a caddy at camp Sankaty head, I have been caddying for the past two summers and I think it is a great experience. I have made lots of money doing so, and also meeting lots of famous people at the same time. I plan on staying on Nantucket hopefully for a few more years.

Mon Mar 22 07:31:45 1999

Blathnaid Griffith of Dublin, Ireland said... well from reading all below and hearing all the stories my sisters have told,I can't wait to go over and see the beauty of your island myself. I'm an artist and hope to draw and paint as much as i can when i'm over there, that is in between work anyway! So can't wait to go over see you soon.

Sat Mar 20 19:45:18 1999

Mary Raddin of Midlothian, VA said... I have visited Nantucket in the past, but would like to know about accessible travel in Nantucket. My husband has a power chair--what events, museums, timeshares, resorts, hotels, bed/breakfasts, etc. are available? Please E-Mail me.

Sat Mar 20 19:45:14 1999

Mary Raddin of Midlothian, VA said... I have visited Nantucket in the past, but would like to know about accessible travel in Nantucket. My husband has a power chair--what events, museums, timeshares, resorts, hotels, bed/breakfasts, etc. are available? Please E-Mail me.

Sat Mar 20 19:45:09 1999

Mary Raddin of Midlothian, VA said... I have visited Nantucket in the past, but would like to know about accessible travel in Nantucket. My husband has a power chair--what events, museums, timeshares, resorts, hotels, bed/breakfasts, etc. are available? Please E-Mail me.

Fri Mar 19 16:47:10 1999

Fri Mar 19 13:54:02 1999


Fri Mar 19 13:45:03 1999


Thu Mar 18 22:28:26 1999

Margie of Rumford, Maine said... Impressed to find my great-grandfather, Major Albert B. Holmes, mentioned in "Brief Historical Data and Mamories of My Boyhood Days in Nantucket", Joseph E.C. Farnham author, printed in 1915. The book has a plate sewn into the original binding addressed to Major Holmes from Mr. Farnham, dated April 6, 1915. I'm reading -- "on" page 178 of this very interesting text and thought it important that I share my interest with you on the "island in the sea". I heard that term many times during my childhood but never really knew what it meant until I took this particular book from my parents' home and finally settled down to concentrate on it. Now I know what my grandmother, Hilda Holmes Wetherington, her sister Ava, and her brothers Ralph and Roscoe Holmes were talking about all those years ago as I was growing up in their stories of memories they had. I hope to visit your special island very soon.

Thu Mar 18 10:25:08 1999

Breeda Royer of New Hampshire said... Got some great startup reserach info -- we are planning a day trip from a Cape vacation this June....and we will be wanting to know how far and where to go to enjoy nantucket with a 5 yar old and 2 year old -- if we decide to take a ferry over -- and leave our car on mainland...

Wed Mar 17 23:24:50 1999


Mon Mar 15 12:16:30 1999

winnie of lewes,de

Sun Mar 14 14:14:24 1999

Katie of Colorado said... Hi. I'm doing a project for school on Nantucket and I need to get some information on the history of it, but your history page doesn't work. Do you know of any sites I could go to?

Sun Mar 14 11:50:50 1999

Dennis Coffin of Annapolis, Md. said... We loved Nantucket's hospitality when we visited 20 years ago and we're anxious to spend more time there this summer. It was great to find your home page.

Wed Mar 10 10:29:52 1999

Carolyn Gillis of Abington MA

Mon Mar 8 21:45:20 1999

Michelle Ashmore of Kansas said... I'm 26 year old college student in Kansas who is looking for a summer nanny position. 6 years experience in the Boston area. Avaliable May 17-August 15. Impeccable references!! Thanks!! :)

Mon Mar 8 16:27:47 1999

Mary Coffin of Denver said... Am DESPERATELY searching for a copy of the out-of-print book, "The Coffin Saga" by Will Gardner. (Actually, if possible, want three copies of it.) Am told there is an antique store on Nantuckett that sells copies. Can anyone give me contact information for this store or another avenue through which I can obtain copies? PLEASE HELP.

Sun Mar 7 15:17:02 1999

R.Nathan Bertasz of Springfield, Mass said... My mother, Elizabeth Appleton McCleave, was born and grew up on the island. I would be interested in con- tacting anyone that does genealogy research covering the following surnames;McCleave, Barnard, Appleton,Backus, Sherman,Chase, Starbuck, Coffin, Gardner, Smith, Fisher etc

Sun Mar 7 10:48:00 1999

Conor of Redding, CT said... This sight is perfect for telling me about everything going on in paridise! I love it.

Thu Feb 25 19:46:24 1999

renata maciel of brazil said... actually,i'm looking for a guy called Steve (with a Portuguese surname). We met on the plane in January. We were both going to Ft. Lauderdale. If he sees this, he'll remember me... (table-holders...). well, i'm not even sure he lives there. i'm just hoping...

Wed Feb 24 10:06:31 1999

May of Amherst, MA said... I am looking for summer job opportunities on the island, before going off to college. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could suggest a few ways that I could go about this inquiry. A job at a resort would be ideal. "Thank you" from a soon-to-be Hotel/Restaurant Management student.

Wed Feb 24 05:10:20 1999

Belinda Hill of Greensboro, North Carolina said... I visited Nantucket Island and Martha's Vineyard in the summer of '95, and have been wanting to return ever since. Possibly going back for a week next summer in '2000. It's quaintness and peacefulness makes it a beautiful vacation resort. Beautiful beaches and great shopping !!!

Thu Feb 18 21:22:10 1999

Linda Carvalho of Honolulu, Hawaii said... My daughter is a Boston based flight attendant. I am a porcelain artist living in Hawaii. I paint tea pots, lamp bases and tiffany glass shades with scenes of Boston, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. I visit the area frequently especially in the summer and fall and never tire of the beauty and quaintess of your Islands. Aloha from Hawaii.

Thu Feb 18 12:13:47 1999

cynde durant of massachusetts said... I have always enjoyed Nantucket, and wish to obtain the employment opportunities for the upcoming season of 1999, for a physical therapist. Please e-mail back if you can assist. Thank you.

Thu Feb 18 12:13:45 1999

cynde durant of massachusetts said... I have always enjoyed Nantucket, and wish to obtain the employment opportunities for the upcoming season of 1999, for a physical therapist. Please e-mail back if you can assist. Thank you.

Mon Feb 15 06:51:35 1999

charles baldwin of 29 palms,california said... Paid a visit to an old friend Della Brooks a few years back.Loved the island & the people.Not very keen on the ferry ride,fly in & out it's the only way.Hope to make it again before I cash in.

Fri Feb 12 10:48:40 1999

Lewis Reichardt of mansfield,ohio said... Native islander, miss the place and the tradition that are part of the nantucket tradition. related to the Coffins and Starbucks of Nantucket. Grandfather: Stuart B. Day Grandmother: Edith Coffin Day they where a big part of the community of Nantucket. Miss you all!!

Fri Feb 12 10:46:11 1999

will said... great town. had a blast

Tue Feb 9 17:41:48 1999

TPS of new zealeand said... great, except steamship atuthority persnonal rude and unhelpfull.TPS

Tue Feb 9 11:04:21 1999

Susan &Pat Johnston of Castleton, ON. Canada

Tue Feb 9 10:23:45 1999

david hofseth of hopkins, mn said... what would you suggest- should we bring a car over to the island or shoul we just use public transportation when we come for our visit the first week of May? Where would we leave our car if we don't bring it over? What is the cost to bring the car over to the island? Can you help us out? Thank you very much.

Thu Feb 4 06:02:34 1999

Marian Roth of provincetown said... my sister would like to get married by a JP on Nantucket in march. Can you tell us whom to contact?

Sat Jan 30 10:19:53 1999

Cindi Foore of Warren ,OH said... I am interested in finding information about a needlework seminar that is to be in Martha's Vineyard in the fall of 1999. Can you please send me anything that you can find? thankyou, Cindi

Mon Jan 25 16:01:51 1999

Brian Millar of bolingbrook,il said... I am looking for some friends i made in the ninth grade. I attended NHS in the school year of 85-86. If anyone was in that class and remembers me, E-mail me. Thanks

Sun Jan 24 17:14:06 1999

robert nicholson of sag harbor ny said... I am interested in information relatative to staying at the harhor house in mid may

Thu Jan 21 13:14:55 1999

Cheryl Parker of Tuscaloosa,AL 35405 said... My daughter and I are planning a trip to Boston and planning to take the ferry out to Nantucket. I have never been to the New England states and I'm looking very much for the trip. Please email me all the info I need to know. I would appreciate it. Thanks!! Cheryl Parker

Tue Jan 19 16:48:22 1999

rkranz of Santa Barbara said... This island sounds like a wonderful place to visit - and was wondering if anyone out there might suggest a chapel or another romantic spot for us to exchange our wedding vows?

Tue Jan 19 06:35:31 1999

LIZ said... Can you get a message to Diane Metcalf of The Dolphin Guest House? Tell her to E-mail me, and visit out website at:!

Mon Jan 18 09:54:55 1999

Cheryl Dugas of Baton Rouge LA said... We plan on going to Nantucket in September for our friends daughters wedding. This will be the first visit to Cape Cod area and I am trying to find as much info on things to do. This sight is great! If you have any brochure's please let me know.

Sun Jan 17 08:11:37 1999

Joanne Howard of Plainville, MA said... I used to stay in Nantucket every year and I loved it.... there are so many people that go there now! I loved the ferry rides when you could move the deck chairs and I have stayed at the White House (guest house), Harbor House and White Elephant....time to go back - I have wonderful memories....

Sat Jan 16 13:00:47 1999

John Williams of Southampton,UK said... Very helpful and interesting page. We have visited Nantucket once and hope to be doing so again in August 1999.This page has reminded us of why it is such a wonderful place to visit, Thanks, The Williams Family of Southampton UK

Wed Jan 13 14:03:19 1999

Aileen M. Hussey of Hilo, Hawaii said... This is a most interesting site. I am looking for any information on the Hussey family, whom I believe lived on the island many years ago. Any information on how I can obtain books, etc. would be of great help.

Tue Jan 12 07:45:25 1999

kmacdonald of Cambridge, MA said... Lovely site. Planning our first visit to Nantucket this winter. We like shore life any time of the year. I have a question I hope someone can answer. I recently heard there is an inn or B&B which was converted from a former factory (don't recall what was produced there) and this place supposedly has a resident ghost. I'm also told some inns don't like talking about any rumored ghosts, but this one is okay about it. If anyone knows the name of the inn, please forward it to me. Thanks very much!

Sun Jan 10 05:58:40 1999

Christopher Coffin of Las Vegas, NV said... I am looking for information on the Coffin Family Book and any updates to it that are available. It is my understanding that there is a Historical Society on Nantucket Island that carries these books. If anyone reading this can send me more information, it would be greatly appreciated. I also understand there is a Coffin Family Reunion supposedly going to be held in Nantucket sometime this year (1999) but I cannot seem to get any exact information regarding that event. I appreciate any help anyone can give, Christopher A Coffin

Wed Jan 6 18:05:05 1999

eric of thompson ridge ny said... can not wait to visit

Fri Dec 18 12:58:39 1998

J. Fauri of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil said... Congratulation for this beautiful place. I intend to go to Nantucket island next year. I would like know if would be possible you send me some folders about Nantucket. My address is : J. Fauri Av. Pirapo 150 AP 303 Porto Alegre, 90470-450 RS, Brazil Sincerely, J. Fauri

Wed Dec 16 13:26:20 1998

Barbara Regan of UMass Lowell, Lowell MA said... On 11/21/98 our daughter's wedding was held at the Jarred Coffen House and the staff were wonderful. The wedding co-ordinator Jimmy did a terrific job and he made everything run smoothly. I recommend the Jarred Coffin House to anyone who is considering a first class wedding. The rooms, the service and most important the food was terricic.

Thu Dec 10 09:08:43 1998

Thu Nov 12 17:36:31 1998

Susan Forbes of Gales Ferry, CT said... Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a satellite photo of Nantucket, complete with blue water and white beaches? This is for a Christmas gift - I'm having no luck at other sites on the web. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!

Tue Oct 27 03:20:59 1998

b shaw of morristown nj said... Killing deer because of the black legged tick does not make sense, unless you also kill mice, birds, other small mammals. Justifying killing deer, when they are only one of the carriers of the black legged tick, is wrong unless you also kill all the other carriers. You are doing nothing about the tick problem. You are just giving hunter/killers an opportunity to exercise their pleasure in killing. A grisly exercise.

Fri Oct 23 07:35:39 1998

liz of Cape Cod said... If you are planning an event, we'd like to list it in our calendar -- please email! Thanks

Tue Jun 23 13:29:45 1998

Tina Egan of Tuxedo N.Y. said... Great site!! Can't read enough on the island-I Love It!!

Fri Jun 19 11:02:32 1998

adam sidle of holland, pa. said... If someone could help us out with an email or phone no. in Nantucket for a location of a kennal for our dog for the 4th of july weekend it would be appreciated.

Fri Jun 19 08:53:33 1998

Linda Stubbs of Union Springs, NY

Wed Jun 17 10:25:13 1998

Kathy Connolly of Braintree, MA said... Great resource for information - best around - thank you!!

Thu Jun 11 17:53:03 1998

Parolea & Don York of Johnson City, Tn. 37604 said... We lived in Nantucket for two years (1968-69) at 52 Centre Street our landlady, Mildred Edgarton, was a wonderful person whom we shall never forget. Also, Mrs Haskell at Buckners. We are returning for vacation June 16th and will be staying at the Jared Coffin House "the very best place" WE CAN'T WAIT!

Sat Jun 6 20:23:05 1998

Kristin of Philadelphia said... I absolutely adore Nantucket! I am 15 now, and have been going since I was 6 months old! My family has been going to Nantucket for over 30 years, but we still don't own a home. My dad's dream is to retire someday and live there; he wanted me to get married in the church in Siasconset. I love spending two weeks in June each summer in Nantucket! For a great meal, go to Arno's for breakfast, Henry's for lunch, and the Sconset Cafe for dinner. The BEST ice cream on the island is BY FAR the Juice Bar! Try a homemade waffle cone- they're the best! It's the greatest place everyone should go there at least once in their life. But like all the other Nantucket-lovers, we don't like our island too crowded!!!!

Wed Jun 3 04:49:31 1998

lenny rasmussen of copenhagen,denmark said... I miss nantucket very much, and I was so glad to see nantucket island on web, small world. I was au pair boy on island, and one of my best summer is 1991, so I still dream about my loving island, very nice people, the beach aslo the muse and soccergames, take care my island, keep going molly dick come to copenhagen.

Fri May 29 21:16:36 1998

Cindy Pelton of Orange, CA said... My dream of a lifetime is to visit Nantucket! I have read so many books, articles and searched on the net. All of it has stolen my heart! Nantucket sounds so interesting and beautiful, I do hope to be able to tour the area in the future. If you have any new events or special occasions coming up, please let me know. You web page is very good and informative, thank you for a good job done. I've truly enjoyed it. Where is a good place to stay?? So many to chose from, which is a hard decision since they all seem to be so full of history. Can't wait to experience it all!

Fri May 29 12:38:08 1998

beverly Vasko of Toledo said... I have never traveled to Cape Cod, although hope to do so by next summer ('99). enjoyed your Web pages!!!

Wed May 20 14:18:57 1998

~* Missy *~ of Reading PA said... Hi!! I'm 15 and I go to Nantucket almost every summer we rent a boat house on a private wharf intown...forgive me but i forget the name! I love it on the island and I plan on coming back many years from now. Because of my situation right now I am not able to come up over the summer....we do not have the amount of money needed. I just wanted to tell you that I like your site and it is going to be very helpful to those who have never been to the island. Get back to me sometime I'd love to hear how it is up there!! Thanks!!

Wed May 13 09:30:24 1998

Veda Howell of Vancouver, B.C. said... Visited Boston area and Nantucket two weeks ago, but prior to my trip found your website and was able to find a TREMENDOUS amount of information. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It helped to make my trip so flawless and enjoyable....everything from weather to restaurant menus. I have never been so well informed prior to a trip... and Nantucket was EVERYTHING you said it was and MORE! Keep up the great job....sincerely....V.Howell

Wed May 13 08:07:38 1998

jane of manhattan said... We're coming to visit Nantucket for Memorial Day Weekend. Where is the best place to watch the Figawi Race? And where do contestants go to celebrate afterward?

Tue May 12 11:22:47 1998

Sekou of Atlanta Georgia said... Your sight is extremely informative and timely. I look forward to visiting your island very soon. It's been ten years since I last visited. If anyone knows my Uncle Neville, give him a big hug from me and tell him I love him and I'll see him soon.

Tue May 12 00:21:25 1998

ruth of previously Canton Ma. now South Florida said... I am thoroughly impressed with the volume of information i found through this site. I spent many summers on Nantucket Island as a child and will be coming back in August 98 after a long absence. All these reminders have me remembering my past and excited to come back, what a beautiful island Nantucket is!

Fri May 1 09:49:07 1998

Ben MacKenzie of Great Falls MT said... I love the Northeast! I would love to visit your town. But being a Freshman in High School I really can't. Thank you for the wonderful information

Wed Apr 22 15:01:50 1998

Terri Harris of Charlotte,NC said... I am really looking forward to visiting your Island in August, your Web Site has given more than enough to plan our trip without having the travel blues. Thank You.

Tue Apr 21 21:46:02 1998

Jane Moore of Poughkeepsie, NY said... I haven't been to Nantucket in a few years, so this was a big help for info.

Sat Apr 18 12:04:42 1998

Chuck and Mariam Cummins of Hamilton, Ont. said... We have not yet visited Nantucket, however, all of the reading we have done both in the guest book and magazines (CapeCod and Nantucket) has intrigued us greatly. Can't wait to visit there! C&M

Thu Apr 16 12:29:48 1998

Jonathan Markarian and Larissa Khouw of Bethesda, MD said... We are getting married this June on Nantucket after many wonderful years of summering and strolling. This site has been a HUGE resource to our friends and families in trying to coordinate our big day!! 143 Larissa :-)

Mon Apr 13 05:17:38 1998

Deanna Phillips of Orange, Ca

Sun Apr 5 14:16:18 1998

jeff of new rochelle said... I am very impressed at the abundance of information that is presented on this site. I am planning a trip this August and your site is very helpful. I would like to ask you though, if you could give me any tips or hints on where to stay , the best way to get there from NY. I would like to keep within a nice budget, so if you could help in any way I would really apreciate it. thanks and again great job on the site.

Wed Mar 25 08:58:12 1998

Matt & Terry Gerrior of Monterey,CA said... I think I'm having a hard time deciding whether I like the coast I grew up on better than the coast I live on..... Decisions, decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun Mar 22 09:37:17 1998

Deborah Harvey of Berwick, Maine

Sat Mar 14 18:50:57 1998

Jack of New York said... Nantucket is the best island i have ever been to. I LOVE the New England Style homes and the beaches. My favs are Siaconset and Surfside. I think that the cobble stone streets are "da bomb". I really love Nantucket and the stores, and homes there. I'am only 13 yrs old and i allready want to buy a house!

Fri Mar 13 23:16:02 1998

Donna Lee Nivin of Arlington, Vermont said... I think your web page is very nice.

Thu Mar 12 21:56:07 1998

Bill of CA said... Thank you, enjoyed learning about something I've never seen and only heard about. Wish to visit someday!

Sun Mar 8 11:08:23 1998

Harold C. Clifford of Jay, Maine said... I was stationed on Nantucket back in 1960. I had friends by the name of Bruce and Karen Yee. My wife and i stood up for them at their wedding. I would very much like to contact them once again. I still miss the Nantucket. I loved fresh water fishing on the Island. My daughter Sonya Sue was born in the hospital there also.

Tue Mar 3 14:50:37 1998

James C. Libby of Aberdeen, Md 21001

Wed Feb 25 21:36:16 1998

paula malm of lyndhurst, oh said... lots of useful information. our family (10 of us), are looking forward to our visit to Nantucket in June of 1998!

Tue Feb 24 14:51:43 1998

Jared Lamey of Boone, NC said... I lived in Nantucket this summer and had the time of my life and I am looking forward to going back this summer. I worked at the Nantucket Boat Basin and worked for the best people around big boats and famous people. And the best part about it is it had alot of wonderful BARS.

Mon Feb 23 18:51:20 1998

Emily Bates of Lebanon, ME said... I have never been to Nantucket, but my friend from 6th grade has family over there and she said that she went body boarding and that sounded like fun.

Mon Feb 23 05:14:13 1998

sarah bell of newcastle said... i think peolpe need to tell people how sailboarding works how you start ,how do you stand up is it easy?ect your thing was great i loved it!!!!!

Sun Feb 15 15:08:15 1998

Judith Cain of Pottstown, PA said... I was there many years ago, I was so impressed. I have always wanted to return.

Thu Feb 12 23:56:58 1998

Daniel Gatti Robles of São Carlos, Brazil said... I love Nantucket because I watch on TV "Wings" from Brazil. I will visit the island! Thanks!!!

Sat Feb 7 17:15:26 1998

Rebecca Cooper of Ridgefield, WA said... Great stuff, looking forward to our honeymoon on Nantucket in July 1998

Thu Feb 5 18:52:48 1998

Rick & Jane of Semour, CT said... So often, especially on an evening of sleet, snow and rain in February, we recall our special days at Nantucket in summertime, lazy days on bikes, by the water, a picnic and quilted memories, hands held in love, wind-filled sails, waters telling of worlds beyond, yet protecting us from the onslaught, removing the hardedge of life, wrapped in peace, enfolded in adventure of yet another day together in paradise.

Thu Jan 22 11:01:30 1998

Liz potts of newcastle england said... must come back soon.......

Tue Jan 20 21:10:40 1998

Brandy Moseley of Nashville

Fri Dec 19 16:16:16 1997

linda valdez of kalamazoo, MI said... hoping to find historical and cultural info on first settlers and quakers. What about a geneological society? I am very interested as I am a descendant of several original families.

Mon Dec 8 10:04:45 1997

Allison and Gerry Pace and Kelley Savel of Boston, MA and Kenosha, WI said... Went to Nantucket (x-mas stroll)...We LOVED it! People are great!! Even made some new "island" friends!! Stayed at the 10 Lyon Street INN and BOY, do they know how to treat you like family (thanks Barry, Anne Marie, and Alexandra for showing us a good time)!!! Don't bring your car (we walked everywhere) don't need it (for those who love Boston traffic at rush hour, you should feel right at home)!!! Crowds are inevidable during the season, but don't let that deter you....Find your own beach and relax p.s. take the early ferry to and from Hyannis and the island to avoid having to sit on the floor...

Fri Dec 5 20:52:45 1997

Vivian Herbert of Englewood,Fl. said... Son and daughter and granddaughters live on the Island. Am anxious to vist .Have heard so much and all sounds great.Because of work schedules cannot visit until next fall.Your website cam picture gives a small idea of main street,however I do not think it changes as often as stated.

Sun Nov 23 22:17:10 1997

Paula Malm of lyndhurst, ohio said... Lots of valuable information. Looking forward to our visit in June, 1998.

Sat Nov 15 00:14:26 1997

kathy of cohasset,ma said... a lot of useful info, but didn't see too much info about christmas stroll. Could use some tips!

Sun Nov 9 20:10:40 1997

eric of Mission viejo,ca said... I really enjoyed my stay working out there as a cab driver. It's the people that really make it for me. What a nice bunch of people!!!

Sun Nov 9 16:06:01 1997

Bill Valentine of Alexandria, VA said... I love Nantucket

Sun Nov 2 15:24:53 1997

Steve Knight of Richmond, VA said... I worked oa one of the restauramts in the summer of '96 and I met a lot of great people. The size of the island allows for a close-knit society and I would definitely return in the very near future!

Fri Oct 31 09:10:43 1997

David Pekala of Wilkes-Barre, PA said... We have vacationed on Nantucket several times, and each time is an experience. I enjoy traveling back in time to visit the early years of the colonies. We are planning to return this Fall, and treat our parents to this charming island.

Sat Oct 18 23:03:16 1997

Karen of Springfield,Ma said... I had a chance to spend a few days in Nantucket and I enjoyed my time here. There was no reason to rush around . It was a nice change of pace after going to school in Boston. If I get another chance to come back I will.

Fri Oct 3 15:14:31 1997

Faith J. Dykstra of Canterbury, NH said... What are the sources for free information (printed material) on Nantucket? I've seen your offer for the $5.00 guide, but is there any free info offered? We'd like to visit the island early Spring 1998 or Fall of that year. Thanks.

Thu Oct 2 15:20:15 1997

Mrs. Whitley said... We are fourth graders studing the regions of the U.S. could you send us infomation about your City. Tulip Grove Elem. 411 Tyler Dr. Hermitage, TN 37076

Sat Sep 27 18:36:38 1997

Li of Osterville said... Thanx i havent checked out the site yet but it seems good so far.I at least skimmed it. Its really gonna help me finish my over due history project...OOOPPSS!!!!!!!Ive been to Nantucket belive me take the Hydrofoil ferry the really fast 1.. The other 1 is ok if u have 1st class . The back end is horrible i tried to fall asleep i came up with a huge briuse on my back but the fast ferry now that is awesome they even have couches and a bar there its much easier to rest....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sun Sep 21 19:06:09 1997

Joan Richards-Herndon of Cedar Springs, Ga. 31732 said... I read all, saw all and have never been in the upper East but would love to go there now. All we hear of that area in the South has to do with the Kennedys. That sometime just puts everyone off. We like the wide open spaces here but that Island sounds too good to be true. Does anyone want to comment on the lines at restraurants or places of interest, my husband is not much for long lines and waiting. Maybe I could slip off sometime with a friend and visit, that would be fun. Just sounding off in extreme S.W. Georgia. I'm originally from the Panama City, Florida area. Have any of you visited down this way? I love email and communicating. Are any of you Country Music fans? Do you ever listen to Ty Herndon? Don't say anything bad about that boy or we'll be all over you like white on rice. Aunt Joan

Tue Sep 16 19:11:22 1997

Richard Kerfoot of Toronto Canada said... Like area and would appreciate visitior information by mail if possible. 10 Glen Robert Dr, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4B 1J5.

Tue Sep 16 12:00:20 1997

Michael Fortuna of Detroit said... Hi, Can anybody out there tell me if "Nantucket Looms" still exists and if where and how I could contact them? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike Fortuna

Thu Sep 11 10:16:54 1997

scott of swansea said... nantucket stinks

Mon Sep 1 15:04:42 1997

Stephen McCready of Easton, MA said... Very informative site but not very much on how to get there. Considering that it's only by boat or plane, it'd be nice to know what the options are.

Thu Aug 28 14:43:28 1997

bryan morgan of lexington ky said... I am tring to get to the island this weekend. I will fly into boston sat am. a commuter cost 200. Is that the cheapest way from boston? I was wanting to know any acitvites that were scheduled this weekend? Is the Coffin Inn the best place to stay? Any help is appreciated!

Thu Aug 28 00:42:25 1997

Brent Masters of Boise, Idaho said... My wife and I plan to visit on Saturday, October 4th.

Wed Aug 27 14:30:16 1997


Tue Aug 26 21:20:58 1997

Allison Harris of Mi said... I think it a wonderful island annd very big. My boyfriend lives there.

Tue Aug 26 16:26:35 1997

Tiffany Gilroy of Olney, MD said... Quaint, and oh so New England!! We will be returning to the island from Sept. 7th till the 12th. Anyone know any babysitters???

Tue Aug 26 11:29:23 1997


Thu Aug 21 22:14:03 1997

Bob & Lori Morrison of Chagrin Falls, OH said... Looking forward to seeing our lovely island and friends in a few days...Can't wait, but, please, no rain or hurricanes this year!

Wed Aug 20 10:54:39 1997

Tom Meagher of Edison,NJ said... yo,yo,yo, this island is like digity dank!(Thats real good)

Tue Aug 19 16:54:17 1997

Lucine Khatcherian of San Francisco

Thu Aug 14 22:11:31 1997

Mika Yamasaki of Tokyo, Japan said... I have always enjoyed the island. It is a nice place, not full of Japanese tourists!

Thu Aug 14 18:09:04 1997

JC Flynn of Hartford, CT said... It is my favorite place in the world. I wish I could make a living there. Especially after a long day here.

Wed Aug 13 07:11:00 1997

Andrew Shows of CORTLAND, IL

Mon Aug 11 16:18:43 1997

Ed Allen of Vermillion, SD said... Nice site, though all I'm really trying to do is find some HyLine schedules.

Sun Aug 10 20:45:33 1997

Sharon E. Draves of Plainsboro, NJ said... I spent a summer living on Nantucket. It was one of my most memorable summers. Nantucket is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever visited. I can't wait to go back!

Sat Aug 9 18:07:47 1997

Susan Garman of Chesapeake, VA said... Please send us some info regarding a visit.... and put us on a mailing list for ongoing information. Thanks......

Wed Aug 6 17:47:12 1997

Kevin Sullivan of Los Angeles said... I'm from New England originally and I miss it--especially Nantucket. It's my favorite place in the world. I could sit in the sand by Brant Point all day long and be content. Your page is the best way to get me through a long work day here on the other side of the country!

Wed Aug 6 12:06:19 1997

Eric Austin of Rome, NY said... Great collection of information! Very nice to have this "one stop shopping" page to plan a trip with.

Tue Aug 5 13:35:33 1997

Zach Wittig of Canton, OH

Mon Aug 4 18:54:32 1997

Yvonne Grimmer of Pasadena, CA said... I would like to see a History and Genealogy section on your page. I have some Quaker ancestry and I'm not sure, but I think some of them came from New England. They lived in North Carolina for several years. I read a library book (I checked it out for my daughter-around l969- but she didn't read it): "Downright Dency" (don't remember the author); it was about a quaker family named Coffin.

Sat Aug 2 13:03:28 1997

Whitney of I forgot said... I think.. it's warm outside :)

Thu Jul 31 15:45:24 1997

Erik Franklin of Arlington, Virginia said... I'm planning a trip for mid-late August. Could you please send some general information along with the schedule for the ferry.

Thu Jul 31 10:01:27 1997

Martha Cecil of Baltimore, MD

Wed Jul 30 15:37:59 1997

Rhonda Cash of Manassas, Va said... My husband went to Martha's Vineyard last year and loved it. We are planning a trip to Nantucket for this fall. Please send info on sights to "not miss". Thanks!!!

Mon Jul 28 12:19:45 1997

Chris Johnson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa said... Last visited in 1985. I hope to get out there again later this fall.

Mon Jul 28 01:15:14 1997

Jon Neuhaus of Birmingham AL said... I want to visit the island in the near future!

Sun Jul 27 16:08:14 1997

Mike Hauser of Cincinnati said... My wife loves the area, please send information on camping facilities.

Sat Jul 26 22:24:47 1997

Kim Hayes of Fort Mitchell said... Please send info on resorts. My husband and I are very interested.

Sat Jul 26 18:03:41 1997

Kimberly Hayes of Fort mitchell said... I think I want more info on Nantucket island and it's beaches. Thank you very much. 41017

Sat Jul 26 01:31:35 1997

Cindy Hanson of Rockford, Illinois said... Thank you so much for this Website. We are planning a trip to the area in two weeks and this will surely help with our travel plans!

Fri Jul 25 15:53:57 1997

fbotelho of n.b. ma.

Thu Jul 24 17:53:30 1997

Theresa Baker of Sag Harbor, NY

Thu Jul 24 12:47:08 1997

Todd Poudrier of Jamaica Plain said... I'm very excited about my upcoming visit to the island of Nantucket.

Wed Jul 16 12:35:27 1997

Laura E. Head of Rockville, MD said... Great site. I am looking forward to my first visit!

Tue Jul 15 17:28:44 1997

Dave Lokker of Saugatuck, MI said... I haven't been to Nantucket yet, but by the looks of things I think I'll visit shortly. I live in Sauagtuck, Michigan which is often dubbed as the Cape Cod of the midwest. Please email me with information on the best shops in Nantucket. Thank-you for your time.

Fri Jul 11 15:21:45 1997

J. Timm of Boston said... I'm helping a friend plan her wedding on the island. Any suggestions as to where we could plan an entire wedding at a Bed & Breakfast? Thanks for the info!

Thu Jul 10 22:48:45 1997

Bob Metell of East Boston, Ma. said... I am looking to spend some time on Nantucket in the fall what do you recomend?

Thu Jul 10 12:00:34 1997

Tedro of Laurel, Indiana said... This place really sucks!!

Wed Jul 9 20:07:29 1997

Robert Kuchta said... Nantucket is a state of mind a great place to just lose yourself. This is a great way to visit when we can't be there. Honeymoon 1972.

Wed Jul 9 16:22:03 1997

Ann Tritch of Paragould, Arkansas said... I am visiting in August, picking up my daughter at the Nutmeg Ballet workshop. There will be five of us who want to visit the place where "Wings" is filmed. Looks great!!

Wed Jul 9 09:20:36 1997

Nick Longo of Congers said... I am visiting in August and would like whale watching info. Please E-Mail me any you may have.

Tue Jul 8 16:03:13 1997

Diane Hanley

Tue Jul 8 12:16:51 1997

A. Vale of Haverford, Pa said... Really enjoyed my vacition there and am looking to buy a house in sconset, wiht 4-5 bedrooms. Price not to high I hope. (Not over $500,000) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Sun Jul 6 23:00:07 1997

Ted Bier of Sands Point,New York said... Looking for restaurant recommendations and menus. Can't seem to find any reasonably objective ratings.

Tue Jul 1 23:56:29 1997

Ronald L Grooms of Sumter,S.C. 29154 said... I really enjoyed your web page. My wife's parents are plann ing a trip to Nantuckett in August or September. From your web page they can get a better idea of the sites that they will want to see and visit. Thanks again!!

Tue Jul 1 17:26:52 1997

Laura of Fairfax,Virginia said... I have been visiting Nantucket for years. Fairfax is where I live...but Nantucket will always be my home.

Sun Jun 29 18:54:47 1997

mary sykes said... would like information on summer rentals in siasconsett.

Thu Jun 26 15:36:53 1997

J. Myers of Chicago said... Love it. This is a great way to get information when planning a trip.

Thu Jun 26 08:33:21 1997

John R. DeBruyne of Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 said... Very informative page. Thanks.

Wed Jun 25 20:02:59 1997

John of Springfield, MA said... Great informative site!

Wed Jun 18 21:47:12 1997

Daniel Quinn of Ottawa, Canada said... My wife and I are heading to your beautiful island soon. Your website has good tips and info ... it should include a map of the island on which you could zoom-in on areas to locate points of interest.

Wed Jun 18 19:35:02 1997

Ann Snell of Syracuse, NY said... Looking forward to my first visit and many more to come

Tue Jun 17 20:55:18 1997

Eoline Cary of Olney said... I love Nantucket and I can't wait to begin planning our summer adventure using your resources. Thank you so much for your help.

Tue Jun 17 16:05:06 1997

Annie Lagoy of Ashfield, MA said... I am interested in going to Nantucket on vacation in the summer. We usually stay on the Vinyard and love to ride bikes with our 2 kids. Nantucket seems like a quiet place to relax. I can't wait to experience it. Any kid friendly places to stay or advice?

Tue Jun 17 15:44:56 1997

Carla of Burke, VA said... I am trying to help my aunt plan her honey moon and your web site helped a lot to plan her special trip

Sun Jun 15 19:40:07 1997

Allison Harris of Southfield said... I love the web site . My boyfriend Tris Marks lives their and I'm trying to get to know the Island as best I can.

Fri Jun 13 23:06:26 1997

cheryl sullivan of hilton head island

Thu Jun 12 23:50:02 1997

Frank Mendillo of Miami - FL said... I think Nantucket is a great place to visit and plan a vacation. If you have any other information about the island please input in this address so I could see it.

Thu Jun 12 12:38:34 1997

sheila hircshfeld of new bremen said... great page i would however like to see more of the bed and breakfasts on the island presented on the page

Thu Jun 5 12:19:06 1997

Danielle of Atlanta said... I think Nantucket is the preppiest place in the world.

Thu Jun 5 09:44:53 1997

Bill Young of Maryland said... Fabulous beaches, wonderful people and a little bit of heaven. That's why I come back every year.

Wed Jun 4 22:37:40 1997

Anne Marie Eschle

Wed Jun 4 14:30:27 1997

harry plander of somers ct. said... very nice, informative hope to visit soon the vinyard is to crowded

Mon Jun 2 11:03:51 1997

Ann Tarter said... I am very interested in finding a summer getaway, can you help? I've heard the shore is beautiful and have only caught a glimpse of it while passing the coast.

Mon Jun 2 10:57:38 1997

Gene Knowles of Lake Placid, fl. said... A great place to fly into for the day and lunch.

Fri May 30 10:12:34 1997

Christine of Pittsburgh, PA said... Can't wait for our summer vacation. Save us some chowdah!

Tue Aug 13 23:40:31 1996

Robert & Lisa Calloway of Wheaton, IL said... The island of Nantucket was several emotions wrapped up into one. It was simple, beautiful, romantic, and a great treasure for historical buffs. We came over with our two younger children, and will try to make it back to Nantucket every summer.

Mon Aug 12 23:22:06 1996

Rachel Vessey of Edina, MN said... I loved visiting Nantucket last summer. I went as a nanny for my neighbors. If anyone wants a nanny for summer '97, write me at Nantucket is great!

Fri Aug 9 16:25:00 1996

Mathew Baldasaro of Barnstable said... My friends and I have been taking a day trip to the island once a year for the last 6 years. It has become an annual event that we all look forward to. This year's head-count was 15 people.

Sat Jul 27 00:18:25 1996

Gary R. Knight of Hendersonville, Tn. said... I really love the Islands, I lived in New England when I was young. Hope to return soon the Islands are wonderful, great web site. Keep up the good work. You can smell the salt in the air air.

Tue Jul 23 13:20:32 1996

Scott Huber of Highland, MD said... Fantastic home page which directs you anywhere you want to go on the island! As a migratory who faithfully brings the family back year after year, I would love to see more "off the tourist trail" stuff. This would appeal to the veterans as well as newcomers who wish to experience Nantucket for all it's charm. The fishing reports are a good example as we are given info not readily found anywhere else. For those of you who wish to know more details on island geography and history, check out that spot. Five days and counting to 'Bon voyage'!

Fri Jul 12 10:25:08 1996

Chris Goane of Greenwich, CT said... I'm looking for info on all airlines that fly into Nantucket. The one link to AA doesn't work. Can you help?

Tue Jul 9 10:12:02 1996

Denise Campbell of Pittsburgh, PA said... I have a vacation planned for August. I was on Martha's Vinyard when I was seventeen and this will be my first time to Nantucket (I'm 30 now) I have been waiting a long time to visit and this site is giving me so much information it just makes me even more excited. Thanks.

Sun Jul 7 16:48:35 1996

Jenn Darcy of Marmora, NJ said... This page has been very helpful in planning my vacation! I am coming the first week of August...can't wait to visit ! See you then...

Sat Jul 6 15:06:32 1996

Steven Funk of Chesterland, OH said... I like the layout of this Web site and return to it periodically. Looking forward to my vacation stay in late August.

Thu Jun 27 16:35:52 1996

Victor H. Garcia of Barcelona said... This summer I am working in manteinance for The Wade Cottages in Siasconset. I looking forward the day I´ll start working because i have never been to the USA and I want to relate to American people, learn about your way of life and get involved into it. I have studied very hard during the course, and I would like to do phisicall exercise this summer, so I am ready to work as hard as I can. I hope we will meet soon.

Wed Jun 26 14:00:05 1996

Catherine Powell of Pasadena, CA said... I need some assistance finding a summer home to rent for about one week in July (maybe August) of Summer 1997. The clincher is that we have about 15 people tht want to rent one or two homes for a family reunion. We don't have any small children and I promise we will be very neat and clean. Please let me know if anyone can help. Some of the family wants to go to Florida, but I am sure that Nantucket is the place to be.

Tue Jun 25 13:01:06 1996

mary blanchette of somerville ma said... I need some assistance finding a summer rental on Nantucket for early September. I've been surfing the net and there are many b&bs, guesthouses, and inns listed. How do I find information on cottages, for 2. Hope you can help me out, we really need a vacation.

Mon Jun 24 11:33:28 1996

Bo Kice of Dallas said... Nantucket is a magical place. It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Maryland. My bike could only take me so far and that was my world. The island's magic transports me back to that world.

Wed Jun 19 23:15:21 1996

Bob Cook

Thu Jun 6 16:47:33 1996

Whit Thompson of Denver, CO said... Great page! Been summering on the Grey Lady for about 25 years now, and this is a terrific cross section of everything the island has to offer! You don't see too many ACK burgees in the Rockies, but now I have a link to one of my favorite places!

Sun Jun 2 00:06:57 1996

Tonya Allen of Winston-Salem, NC said... The Nantucket pages bring back great memories for me. I worked at the Harbor House and The Tavern during the summers when I was in college. I visit every year and the pages help keep me informed.

Fri May 24 12:24:05 1996

Christopher Keever of Danbury, CT. said... This is a beautiful net page for a breathtaking island. Whether it be a romantic getaway or a family outing, you can find the information that you are looking for right here. From my first trip to the island I have always wanted to return for the beaches, lighthouses, ocean, and its mistical atmosphere. Great Job on this page!

Wed May 22 14:37:04 1996

Don A. of Alexandria, Virginia said... travelling in the Northeast with friends from California during the months of Sept-Oct '96. Plan to use info from this page to enhance our trip. Thanx

Tue May 21 22:02:09 1996

John Collins of Vernon, CT said... Good home page

Thu May 16 15:33:33 1996

Scott Hirons of Burke, VA said... This is a great page. My fiance and I will be honeymooning in Nantucket in August. I love having the opportunity to learn all I can about the island, via the Internet.

Sun May 12 15:04:08 1996

Peter Beekman of Rumson, NJ said... Enjoyed navigating your web pages. As a former summer homeowner, we have been thinking about renting for a period this summer. Thanks to your pages, our actual search has begun...but perhaps too late. Wish you all a wonderful summer, and if we're lucky, perhaps we'll see you in person.

Wed May 8 22:51:38 1996

Jeff Moersch of Ithaca, NY said... I was born on Nantucket almost thirty years ago, and yesterday I finally had the opportunity to realize a dream - I flew myself back there. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and intend to come back soon! Aside from when I'm flying, I'm a graduate student in Astronomy at Cornell, so I guess I'm following in Maria Mitchell's footsteps. I didn't have a chance to get out to the science center while I was in town, so that will be a priority for my next trip. The first house I lived in (10 Lyon St) is now a bed and breakfast, so I'm hoping I can even stay in my old room! Thanks for putting up the Web site - it's a very neat place to browse around and learn about my "home town".

Wed May 8 10:32:57 1996

Ted Monahan of Rhode Island said... Great web page!!!! I am in Nantucket only a few times a year, but feel as if it is home. Now I can find the newest and latest additons to the island. Thanks. I will be there on Monday, May 13th.

Wed May 1 07:03:34 1996

Eric Friedman of St. Louis said... enjoyed looking at your site, look forward to visiting in late May. thanks for the link to weather. Would like to see yearly weather info so I would know what its like in late may.

Tue Apr 30 11:07:47 1996

Stephen Upham of Santa Rosa, CA said... Very nice web site! As someone who grew up in NY and Mass. and spent summers at Cape Cod and Nantucket, I have a fondness for your part of the world. I look forward to returning some day.

Sun Mar 10 11:39:51 1996

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dupuis of Atlanta GA, 30202 said... Great stuff.. We would like to see more Country Inns and Real Estate info and Pictures.

Fri Mar 1 15:41:13 1996

James M. Weeks of Greenwich,CT said... You've done a great job here! The presentation and order to the pages are far superior to all that I have seen for any "Town" pages. I hope one day to have the time to visit in person.

Tue Feb 27 19:13:27 1996

Laurence Roe of DUBLIN, Ireland said... There is an amazing atmosphere in Nantucket but it seems impossible to describe....I loved the place from the first day and for the whole of the summer.I wouldn't get a summer job anywhere else but there.

Sat Feb 24 22:58:06 1996

Diane Perreault of Montreal said... JACQUES ET ANDRÉE RETOURNERONT A NANTUCKET...

Wed Feb 21 10:22:30 1996

John Kershaw of San Diego, Ca. 92123 said... Sirs: As someone who loves Nantucket, and has visited and worked on Nantucket in the past, I am delighted to have found your WWW page. I'll return often. Sometime in the near future, I plan on a return visit, after not having been there in the last 20 years. I worked at the Skipper Restaurant, and at the Jared Coffin House in the mid 60's. And have stayed often with friends in Dionys. Sincerely, John Kershaw

Tue Feb 6 21:53:11 1996

Dan Cusick of Springfield, IL said... Nantucket Island is one of only two places in the world which I have visited which has an atmosphere so uniquely its own that it is absolutely like no other place on earth. [The other place is Paris!] My family and I have visited Nantucket twice (so far) and each time we have found ourselves totally engrossed in the aura of the island. When [not if] I win a Lotto, one of the first things I will do is buy a home on Nantucket, probably out in the Surfside area or out by 'Sconset. Nantucket - we love you!

Tue Feb 6 17:03:26 1996

Ryan Hale of Charlotte,NC said... I drove a cab there for two summers, met a lot of great people. Looking forward to returning the the island someday..

Sat Feb 3 12:58:25 1996

Katie Starbuck of Vista, NY said... Why don't you add a section on Nantucket history? I have a lot of info on that, considering I'm decendent of the first settlers.

Sat Feb 3 09:46:48 1996

Gary Murphy of Philadelphia said... Have been a previous vacationer and am looking forward to a return trip this summer(96) for perhaps a month. Truly unique place, like being in a very friendly, familar foreign country. Looking forward to seeing the sunset at Madaket.]

Wed Jan 31 22:44:56 1996

emorey of Greenville, MI said... We think Nantucket is wonderful! We visited a year ago and plan to return this fall. We want to try the Chanticleer Restaurant and seek out the little antique shop not far from town that is housed in a barn/garage; they had the coolest weathervane that was two Canada geese in flight. It was the neatest thing, and I'd like to get it for my husband for Christmas. Have a framed poster of the oldest house in our guest room. Thanks for letting us share this--we'll be back!

Tue Jan 30 15:02:28 1996

Kevin Rosseel of Alexandria, VA said... Had a great week just before Christmas -- what an island!

Sat Jan 27 20:47:25 1996

Dr. Ed Anker of Riverhead, N.Y said... I don't know if this is the place, but I need some information about marinas in Nantucket - Will be spending a week this summer on a direct run from Eastern Lomg Island and hope you have some info about the best amrina to dock - We are also going to need info about a hotel for people who will be joining us on the trip - We will need car rental and restaurant contacts as well - Many thanks in advance -- Cheers!

Sat Jan 27 18:15:49 1996

srogers of clifton, va said... Just found out that one of my ancestors, Edward Starbuck, helped to settle Nantucket. And also, that another ancestor, Joseph Hull, received the charter for establishing the town of Barnstable, MA.

Sat Jan 27 17:18:08 1996

B. Green of Denver, CO said... Just ran into the Nantucket Net. Great idea! See everyone next summer.

Wed Jan 24 21:38:48 1996

'liz. miller of w. barn. said... Hope you like your on-line visit to Nantucket! Please stop by again soon - you'll probably find something new!