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Why Host At All Nantucket?



Simple URL vs.

Easier to Remember

Better Indexing

Many web site directories list similar subject areas alphabetically by URL. will appear at the top of this type of list.

Weekly Access Statistics

We provide weekly access statistics for your site showing you how many people visited your site and where they visited.

You'll know how well your web site is working for you!

Your site is not "framed" by ours

Many sites "frame" your site within theirs. Not only does this reduce the visual space for your web site, but their logo and branding gets mixed up with yours.

Your identity remains your own

Better Hardware

Our site is hosted on hardware specifically designed for serving web sites to the Internet, with T3 access to the Internet.

Better Reliability

Better Announcement Services

Many hosting services don't provide announcement services as part of their package, and those that do often use a service such as AAA promotions or WebPromote. We personally announce your site to the Internet community, both to search engines and indices, but also to appropriate newsgroups and most importantly to sites looking to link with sites like yours.

Your site is given the best exposure

Enhanced Listing at the Nantucket Information Center

Simply for hosting your site at, you'll have an enhanced listing at the most visited* Nantucket Internet Directory.

*by both on-Cape and off-Cape visitors.

The best Nantucket exposure

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