What is All Cape Cod: The Cape Cod Information Center?

All Cape Cod: The Cape Cod Information Center was created in March, 1995, as a centralized directory for Cape Cod businesses with an Internet presence. Everyone is welcome to have a link at All Cape Cod, and over the years we have built our database to contain over 1500 unique web sites.

Why Link or Advertise at All Cape Cod?
All Cape Cod: The Cape Cod Information Center is the single most used resource by vacationers coming to Cape Cod, and by members of the local community. If your web site would be of interest to this demographic group, you owe it to yourself to leverage your web site by linking it at allcapecod.com.

In summer, All Cape Cod is visited by an average of 750 people per day (and over 400 people a day in winter!), visiting 7 pages within the site per visit, and making over 21,000 visits to other web sites per week. Unlike other sites which include visits to sites hosted at their domain as part of their access information, sites hosted at allcapecod.com are not included in these figures. And, unlike other websites, we count people, not "hits". (Hits are generally inflated by at least the number of pages and often the images visited within a site, and tend to give a skewed picture of activity at a web site.)

Our banner advertisement program will enhance your presence for a minimal fee.

You may submit your business or personal links via our InterAct page, or you may choose to host your site here at All Cape Cod. If you would like to host with us, or site a banner advertisment with us, please E-Mail Us!.


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